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Wild in our ways 


Wild in our Ways is a creative platform for cinema, literature, music, and culture. Dedicated to artistic liberation and open-ended possibility, It is founded on ideas juxtaposed between the past and present---echoing a romanticism of days gone by while celebrating the uncertainty and hope of the future.

It is an initiative intended to engage creative conviction and bold ideas--committed to the fearlessness of yesterday's greatest minds and what is possible for the next generation of artists and story-tellers.

My name is Andrew Christofer. I am a writer, photographer, everyday actor, and aspiring professional storyteller. The body of work found in WIW is a compilation of everything I find terrifying, exhilarating, and inspiring about the world we live in. It is an assortment of my poetic, narrative, and cinematic work, as well as a gathering place for my thoughts and for the ideas of the creatives whose work has inspired me.

It is my belief that we live in an age where creative community and healthy collaboration is scarce. As a collective whole, we have bought the idea that being "self-made" means doing it on your own. I believe that truly great vision can only exist as a product of community. This platform serves to engage and encourage such relationships and to celebrate the artistic achievements those past and present who have committed their life to creating work that challenges, grows, and heals humanity.


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Microvice Manifesto

MICROVICE MANIFESTO is a short-form web-based anthology series based on the iconic texts of William Shakespeare. Set in a present-day Los Angeles, it aims to illuminate the artist’s urban experience by leveraging The Bard’s imaginative language and deeply compelling narrative. By combining centuries-old text with contemporary cinematic styling, it proves the timeless and universal truth of William Shakespeare’s insight into the human spirit and celebrates the questions posed by man’s most brilliant, terrifying, and visionary minds.