new year // next step

i spent the beginning of this year with a fever and chills. not nearly an ideal way to start off the next 365 days. but rather than think of the new year as a new beginning like so many advertisers like to drill every year, i have decided to think of the new year as a continuation of what has been in the works the year prior. it's also a check point and kind of gives perspective to what you've done, what you're trying to do, and what you need to do. i appreciate this time as an opportunity to look at the clock and ask some hard questions about myself and stay accountable to time.

i was in tulsa ok for the holidays.  i grew up in tulsa and have a lot of memories here. all in all, its a great place to be from. there is a rich cultural history there and some incredible architecture that reflects that. its really incredible and nothing like what you'd expect from a state more closely associated with cows and tipis than with urban culture.