la crescenta // dtla // skyline

i went on an adventure yesterday. one my favorite films takes place in this beautiful house in the hills of la crescenta, north of glendale. I'll talk about the house in a later post, but I want to share the view of downtown that i found on top of this hill. it's a very interesting angle from which to view la. most people are used to seeing downtown depicted from atop the hollywood hills or from the west via the 10 freeway. also for those coming from the o.c. you get an interesting perspective as well. 

this view is much more secluded as you're not really in los angeles any more. you're basically on the outside looking in. viewing la from this point is like watching a football game without the sound. there's a lot going and you can see it, but you can't hear it. the tension is there, but it's distant. you're essentially a voyeur, as you're viewing the action but not an active part of it. 

it's these small adventures that draw me deeper into my love of los angeles. there's so much to this city that I don't know if i'll ever see all that i want to. being able to spontaneously go find something you've never seen before is what makes la one of the best cities in the world. 

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