analog canon // 1983 // photography

this is a canon t50 analog 35mm film camera. it was originally released by canon in the spring of 1983. it is a simple camera, very easy to use and consistently takes great photos. right now I am shooting on 400iso 35mm film (superia by fujifilm). i will also be shooting on 200 iso fujicolor. it is very surprising to me how difficult it is to find film suppliers. film really is a dying genre, which I find unsettling... especially while shooting on this canon. it's not a fancy camera, but it definitely has a feel that cannot be matched by a digital camera. there is a romanticism to the sound of the shutter and the film advancing. on a 36exp. film roll, you get 36 shots to get something beautiful. the film is not forgiving. it won't lie for you. if the shot sucks... it sucks. you can't hide from that. but on the reverse, when everything comes together and the shot is perfect, there's a lot more gratification in that achievement. you don't get to rely on instagram filters to make what you've captured beautiful. it is. or it isn't.

the accountability to every photo is exciting because in a small way, the risk of failure is greater. the possibility of failure makes success so much more exciting. because when it works, it is undeniably real... a level of realness that we are not used to anymore. culturally, we've been saturated with so many inauthentic images that we anticipate their dishonesty and skepticism pervades our collective creative consciousness. 
like a rush of oxygen to a hypoxic brain, this kind of honesty dizzies us in an exciting rush of reality. something we don't realize we need till we find it. 

i'm excited for what this little picture-taking machine will teach me. we will fail. we'll win too. either way, we're learning. exploring. and sharing what inspires and excites. there is no failure in that.