"...for that ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night."

sonos studio // sound affects // milo greene

this evening i had the opportunity to hang at sonos studio's exhibition SOUND AFFEECTS: music and mood-- an exhibition that explores what the internal effect of music would look like if it were experienced externally. with the combination of visual and audio elements, the experience is immersive and provocative. the space highlights three distinct spaces, each of which reflects an element of the sonic experience. it features architectural structures designed by l.a. architecture firm P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S. these are interactive spaces featuring projections by berlin based artist JEM THE MISFIT which depict the movement and texture of water. the marriage of these two artist mediums provides an experience that is larger than life while also authentically representing the internal experience of music. combined with the sonic composition of tUnE-yArDs' "water fountain" the space is elevated even further and is saturated with sensory stimulus. 

MILO GREENE was also on hand to chat about their new album CONTROL, dropping 1.27.2015, calling it "an ode to los angeles." if their first self titled album is any indication, CONTROL should be a next level listening experience. MILO GREEN plays their new album at the EL REY on 2.19.2015

overall, the experience is truly multi-dimensional and i'd say the best way to describe it is like living within your own indie eccentric art film or david lynch inspired trance. the exhibition is featured at the sonos studio in l.a. until 2.9.2015 and is definitely worth checking out. the space is very dim and almost impossible to get a great shot of, so check the video and photo below.

photo courtesy of enclave 

photo courtesy of enclave 

analog canon // 1983 // photography

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