wild in our ways is a vehicle for masculine expression. for any man that finds himself juxtaposed between the past and present. men who crave creativity as much as adventure and are addicted to possibility. the history of man is vast and rich with passion for freedom and a desire to express... whether it be in style, music, art, design, or adventure.

this is the initiative to live wild and learn from each other. a community of creatives who strive to be the best. the craziest. wildest. smartest.


my name is andrew christofer. I live in los angeles and am addicted to this city. I like to make things and share them. i love design, whether it be a suit, a home, or the outdoors. music fuels my ideas. i am an avid adventurer and am always looking for the next kick. you'll find all of that here, and then some.  


Check out my photography work HERE.